Suzuki Health Check | Only £19.99

Is your car ready for Summer?

As we approach spring (finally) a lot of us will be planning to take a drive a bit further afield.

It’s easy to assume that the better weather brings fewer problems for your car, but basic maintenance is vital all year round to protect your Suzuki – and yourself.

Ensure your Suzuki is in peak condition and ready to tackle the roads by getting it checked early. For just £19.99 we can carry out a Summer Health Check that includes a comprehensive visual check of your vehicle.

Please fill out the below enquiry form or call 020 8200 4040

Suzuki Summer health check London


Inspecting your tyres for cuts, bulges, nails and other defects.
Overall condition of the windscreen for stone chips or cracks.
Condition of the windscreen wipers and operation of the windscreen washers.
Front and rear brake pads and disks.
Under Bonnet fluid level checks.
Operations of exterior lights.
The horn is functioning correctly.
The heating and air conditioning systems are operating correctly.
Check condition of cabin filter
No warning lights are showing on the dashboard.
The alternator belt and condition of the battery.
Coolant level and anti freeze content.
Brake-fluid condition for moisture.
Visually inspect condition of front and rear suspension.
Condition of visible steering components.
Check drive shaft boots for splits or cracks.
Checking safety recalls & product updates.

Our Suzuki-trained technicians will also top up your engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and screen wash, giving you the confidence to tackle the roads.

Apply for the Summer Health Check be filling out and submitting the below enquiry form or call us at 02082004040

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