Did you know that 56% of motorists leave their air conditioning system off during the winter months? But your air conditioning is not only useful in the warmer months.

It should also be used in the colder months. Indeed, research has shown that regularly using your air conditioning will mean that the system is running at its most efficient.
It will help you to clear your windscreen quickly when you first get into the car, and once you have set off, your air conditioning will help to prevent your car from misting up by dehumidifying the air. Regularly using your air conditioning will also prevent the build-up of bacteria in your system – which can lead to unpleasant smells coming into the car.

This service includes:
  • Re-gas so that your air conditioning system works at it’s optimum performance
  • Replace the air conditioning compressor oil and inject a fluorescent dye into the system to check for any leaks

Offer applies to vehicles registered before 2016 using R134a air con gas.

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For vehicles after 2016 using 1234YF air con gas are excluded – please ask the team for a quote.