Winter Health Check

Only £19.99 (RRP £34.99)

Don't get caught out this winter...

Winter can take its toll on even the toughest Suzuki, with low temperatures, icy starts, bouts of bad weather, darkness and exposure to road salt. These factors combine to put a great deal of strain on your vehicle.

Ensure your Suzuki is in peak condition and ready to tackle winter this year by getting it checked early. For just £19.99 (RRP £34.99) we can carry out a Winter Check that includes a comprehensive visual check of your vehicle. 

Our Winter Health Check includes:

Inspecting your tyres for cuts, bulges, nails and other defects.
Overall condition of the windscreen for stone chips or cracks.
Condition of the windscreen wipers and operation of the windscreen washers.
Front and rear brake pads and disks.
Under bonnet fluid level checks.
Operations of exterior lights.
The horn is functioning correctly.
The heating and air conditioning systems are operating correctly.
No warning lights are showing on the dashboard.
The alternator belt and condition of the battery.
Coolant level and anti freeze content.
Brake-fluid condition for moisture.
Visually inspect condition of front and rear suspension.
Condition of visible steering components.
Check drive shaft boots for splits or cracks.
Checking safety recalls & product updates.

Our Suzuki-trained technicians will also top up your engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and screen wash, giving you the confidence to tackle winter.

If you are planning on going on any winter journeys in the coming months, we can also advise you on winter tyres and talk you through our current offers. Even if you’re not, we can still provide you with a quote at your request because it isn’t just extreme wintry conditions that can reduce your safety on the road - cold and damp roads can reduce the performance of tyres too and for this reason they are becoming increasingly popular across the UK.

Apply for the Winter Health Check be filling out and submitting the below enquiry form, or call 02082004040.

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