New Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid

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​Our Vitara range is now available with either Mild or Full Hybrid technology. The new Full Hybrid drivetrain is now available with Vitara SZ-T and SZ5 models, offering even more fuel efficiency.​ Mild or Full Hybrid, whatever your choice, you'll get better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions when compared to a non-hybrid car.

What is Full Hybrid?

The self charging Full Hybrid powertrain provides dual power, switching between the petrol engine and electric motor or using a combination of both to drive the wheels. 

Full Hybrid includes:

• New 1.5 petrol engine with Suzuki developed Full Hybrid system
• High-voltage 140V lithium-ion battery
• Both hybrid and EV (zero emission) driving for combined fuel economy up to 53.0 mpg
• 2WD and ALLGRIP 4WD options

What is Mild Hybrid?

Our self charging Mild Hybrid system provides battery assistance, meaning a small electric motor supports the petrol engine when it needs it most, such as during acceleration or going up a hill.

Vitara Full Hybrid - How it works

The powerful, highly efficient motor on the Vitara Full Hybrid generates a maximum output of 24kW and up to 60Nm of torque despite its compact size.

It can smoothly start off and accelerate the vehicle, as well as run the vehicle alone (EV driving with inactive engine) while creeping, cruising and driving in reverse for quiet operation and minimal fuel consumption.​

The below table gives an over view of how the self charing Vitara Full Hybrid works in multiple scenarios.


All units stop to prevent wasted energy consumption.

StartThe electric motor quietly and smoothly starts off the vehicle. The engine gently restarts via ISG starter motor function if the accelerator pedal is pressed beyond a certain extent.
AccelerationThe MGU instantly assists the engine for smooth and powerful acceleration. While the clutch is disengaged during gear shifts, the MGU fills in the torque gap to provide smooth, continuous acceleration. The MGU adds torque to engine torque when the accelerator pedal is pressed strongly, such as when going up steep hills or merging onto a motorway.
Normal Driving

When driving at a constant speed of up to around 80 km/h, the engine automatically stops and EV driving activates. When driving at a constant speed, the MGU utilises engine power to efficiently generate electricity and recharge the drive battery while also driving the vehicle.
DecelerationThe MGU generates electricity from kinetic energy to charge the lithium-ion battery. If the accelerator pedal is released at less than approx 135 km/h, the engine automatically stops to efficiently generate electricity.
Low Speeds & ReversingWhen cruising at a constant low speed and reversing, the engine stops and the vehicle is driven by the MGU (EV driving).

Full Hybrid Benefits

Fuel Efficiency

Cost of ownership and environmental advantages versus outgoing 48V Mild Hybrid Automatic Vitara.

Combined Fuel EconomyCombined CO2 Emissions
Mild Hybrid 2WD49.5 mpg 129 g/km
Full Hybrid 2WD53.0 mpg 121.g/km
Full Hybrid Benefit
(Based on 10,000 miles/year
+3.5 mpg
= £8 per month fuel saving
= 61-litres less fuel used per year
-8 g/km
= 1% BIK advantage
= 129 kg less CO2 emitted in a year

Driving Comfort

The combination of hybrid and EV driving experience, as well as an extremely smooth gear shift feeling, provides highly comfortable and relaxing driving. One notable feature of the new Full Hybrid system is MGU placement on the output side of the AGS. This is key to supporting the Vitara Full Hybrid’s outstanding driving comfort for two reasons:

1. MGU (electrical power) output is directly transmitted to the driveshaft to fill the torque gap during shifting. This makes AGS gear changes feel extremely smooth.

2. Expanded EV driving with frequent motor assistance, since the hybrid system efficiently collects kinetic energy and generates electricity by stopping the engine and disengaging the clutch during deceleration.

Vitara Mild & Full Hybrid Major Specification

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